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November 12, 2017 Luncheon

Ninety members of the Naples Chapter met at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club for the first luncheon of the season. It was with sadness that we all said “Thank You and Goodbye” to the officers who led the chapter so capably during the past four years, but we welcomed with joy the new board, who will continue leading us into the future. Some new members received their certificates, and several visiting guests applied for membership. After a delicious lunch, we all enjoyed the presentation given by our member Donna Suddeth. Her family came to America from Ukraine. Donna has traveled the country of her ancestors, bringing back many colorful pictures for us to see. We enjoyed listening to her interesting commentary about the history and culture of Ukraine. It was a delightful afternoon, and all were happy to start another exciting season with the Circumnavigators Club in Naples.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 – Summer Lobster Party

Members and guests of the Naples Chapter met on October 21, 2017, at the grand Quail West Country Club, for a delicious lobster dinner with all the trimmings. Good food and good fellowship made for a very enjoyable evening in beautiful Naples. There were 45 members who attended.

July 9, 2017 Summer Party

The Naples Chapter had its first summer party Saturday, July 9, 2017, at the beautiful pool side party room of Pat Classen’s condominium. Forty-five members and guests attended and enjoyed the piano music provided by two fine pianists. There was a tasty Paella dinner, accompanied by lots of singing, dancing, and merrymaking, and of course, the usual glorious Naples sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

April 9, 2017 Luncheon

Sunday, April 9th, 2017 the Naples Chapter presented it’s last speaker luncheon of the season, which was attended by 125 members and guests.  Our member Paula O’Connor gave a most interesting and detailed account of her recent trip to Iran.  Paula traveled the entire country with a group of people from the Naples Council of World Affairs. They saw all the important historical sights, as well as the modern cities with their great architecture.  Everywhere they went, they were met with the  friendliest of people.  Paula is eager to go back to Iran.

March 12, 2017 Luncheon

The Naples Chapter has held the March 12th luncheon, at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club.  We had a record turnout, with 145 members and guests attending.  Our special speaker, Albert Podell, came from New York to tell us all about the 196 countries that he had visited over 50 years.  There were many spectacular pictures and much interesting commentary about his numerous adventures, for us to see and hear.   It was a delightful, and humorous presentation enjoyed by all.

Ladies Luncheon

The Circumnavigators ladies gathered on Saturday, February 18th, at the Seasons 52 Restaurant in Naples, enjoying good food and fellowship. They were talking about their travel experiences and current events.  All sang Happy Birthday to Carol Green

February 12, 2017 Luncheon

On Sunday February 12th, 2017, the Naples Chapter members  gathered for their monthly meeting at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club.  The meeting was very well attended by 124 guests, who enjoyed the usual delicious luncheon, while looking out on the many sail boats and yachts in the harbor. However, the main event was the interesting presentation given by Bill Ashley from our Washington Chapter.  Bill spoke of his journey to Papua New Guinea, a country that is not very well known, nor travelled.  He also showed us many fantastic  looking pictures of the special tribal festival, which he was able to attend.   A truly rare event.

January 8, 2017 Luncheon

At the January 8th meeting of the Naples Chapter, 130 guests gathered at the beautiful Naples Sailing & Yacht Club, for a delicious lunch and  an interesting presentation, given by one of our members Roger Baker.  Roger spoke, and presented many interesting pictures, of a trip that he and his wife took last summer.  The journey started in beautiful Slovakia, continued down the Danube River passed the Iron Gates, and ended in fascinating Romania.  It was another great event, in beautiful, sunny Naples.

December Holiday Party

Our well attended Holiday Party at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club.

November 13, 2016 Luncheon

The Naples Chapter started on November 13th, 2016, its luncheon/speaker season, at the beautiful Naples Sailing and Yacht Club.

One Hundred and Twelve members and guests attended, and enjoyed the interesting presentation given by Barbara Roy and Rick Jennewine, regarding their exciting trip to Colombia, Argentina and the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Welcome Back Lobster Party October 2, 2016

A wonderful start of our season, we gathered for an outstanding lobster dinner at Quail West. Tina Nicholson and Pat Classen were chairs for this special dinner. The group heard about our upcoming events including our Christmas party at the NSYC on December 2nd. SAVE THE DATE.

Summer Party August 20, 2016

Sixty eight members of the Naples Chapter Circumnavigators Club, re-united for a summer party at the home of Dr. Joe Donahue.  Pat Classen and Tina Nicholson were the co-hostess. Good food, good drink and good fellowship,  combined with a glorious sunset and a gentle breeze, made it a perfect evening in beautiful Naples on the Gulf of Mexico.
Many thanks to our hostess for a wonderful time, and a setting that could not have been nicer.

Tom Maher 97th Birthday

The celebration took place at the Claridge. Fifty guests attended. Tom spoke of his life, six children and 13 grandchildren. He thanked Gloria for the many wonderful years together. Tom and Gloria have left today for New Jersey, where a big re-union of family and friends, and a grand celebration, will take place.
Tom Maher was one of the five original founders of the newly founded Naples Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club. He has served for the past sixteen years as vice president, president, and is now serving on the International Board of Governors of the Circumnavigators Club.

Our April 10, 2016 Luncheon

The event was at the Pelican Bay Club. There were 75 in attendance. Erik Meyer, Circumnavigators Club member, has gone around the world between 70 to 80 times!! Erik shared with us how to buy an RTW ticket for about half price.  Erik is an excellent photographer and has excelled in taking photos as he traveled.

Our March 20, 2016 Luncheon

The event was at the Pelican Bay Club, and 138 members and guests attended. A very special and exciting program featured Ann Compton at our March meeting.  Ann received the Magellan Award in Washington, DC from the Circumnavigators’ Club last year. Ann was the first woman to cover the White house for a major television news organization.  During her career, she covered seven Presidents and ten presidential campaigns.  Ann traveled with Presidents, Vice Presidents and First Ladies to all 50 states and six continents.  She received an Emmy for her coverage as the only broadcast reporter onboard Air Force One on the day of the September 11th tragedy.

New Members are shown below


A reception for Ann Compton at the home of Lee Abrons

Our February 14, 2016 Luncheon

At our February meeting James and Maria Duke gave us a fascinating presentation about their exploration of Southern Italy which was titled “Ancient Rome without a Sea of Tourists”.

Our January 10, 2015 Luncheon

The Naples Chapter meeting was very well attended with 130 participants.  Our guest speaker was Matthew L. Guthmdller who gave a most interesting presentation of his solo circumnavigation of the world in a private plane.

New Members are shown below



The Naples Chapter Christmas Gala at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club was very well attended by 77 members and guests.  Dinner, dancing and carol singing, made it a most joyful and happy event.

And here are the newest members who also received their certificates at the party


Marcelo Alvarez, Mary Klug, Sandra Dee, Jeffrey Sutton


Circumnavigators are birds of a feather, aren’t we?  I mean we have a lot in common after all.  We love traveling, whether it be on foot, by boat, plane or train, we’re there!

So it seems very appropriate that the December edition of The Log is featuring birds.  Watch out for some really fabulous photos of some of Earth’s more exotic creatures taken by members in their travels around the world.

To get you started, here are a few photos taken by Naples chapter member Roger Weatherburn Baker in Australia and South Africa.

Monthly Meeting – November 8, 2015

Our November 8, 2015 at the Pelican Bay Club was well attended by 90 members.
Roger Baker, one of our members, spoke of the Colors of India, where he and his
wife Paula had traveled extensively. A most wonderful presentation of a very large
and varied society.

Our gallery below shows six new members who were welcomed that day to the Naples Chapter. From left to right:
Sandra Dee – William Klug – Sally Hebeisen – Rick Jennewine – Cynthia Gumpert – Halyna Traversa

We then show our newly elected board. Left to right:
Tina Nicholson, Secretary and Events Planner and Joe Donahue, Vice President – Membership and Barbara Roy, President and Dave Macarthy, Treasurer and Pat Classen, Vice President – Program.

Following that are the photos of Roger Baker and Paula Baker plus Barb Roy presenting a visitors gift to Roger.

This is followed by various other snapshots of the luncheon.

Below are the new Members who joined at our November 8, 2015 meeting
Left to Right they are:
Sandra Dee – William Klug – Sally Hebeisen – Rick Jennewine – Cynthia Gumpert
Halyna Traversa


Halloween 2015 Party at the home of  Tina and Jack Nicholson

What a great Halloween Party at the residence of Tina and Jack Nicholson.  Musical and operatic entertainment was provided by members of Opera Naples.  Delicious appetizers,  multi choice entrees, and wonderful desserts were offered;  all prepared by our gracious hostess  Tina. It was a balmy night in Naples, where 82 members and guests had a great time.  Great thanks to our host and hostess Jack and Tina Nicholson.

Summer Mexican Party July 30, 2015

Guests were met with balloons and colorful decor for the Mexican Fiesta party held on July 30th.

The 54 attendees enjoyed margaritas to die for, music and an opportunity to join in with other Circumnavigators to meet and greet.  Our membership travels and we shared our exotic ports of call as we played a mixer game.

We call our summer parties, “Getting to Know you” and these parties are casual and meant to give us and opportunity to get to know everyone.

Roberta Cervelli, was our hostess. and she opened her beautiful, spacious home to us for this occasion.

Mexican food was catered in to make it a very authentic occasion.

Tina Nicholson and Barb Roy, were co-chairs for the event.

Monthly Meeting – April 19, 2015

Our last program of the year, April 19th, was held at the Club at Pelican Bay, with 96 attending.  The program, presented by Barb Roy, was on her trip to Cuba in the past few months.  Barb touched on the changes and travel in Cuba at this time and the forecast of the future travel now that Cuba is no longer considered a terrorist threat and relations between the USA and Cuba are becoming more cordial.

In April, four members from the Circumnavigators Club namely Rachel Jacks and Paula O’Connor and the Roys, flew to Nassau from Miami and flew into Havana on Bahama Air.  The talk had segments on the condition of the city, the transportation, the entertainment, Vinalles with the caves and tobacco farms and restaurants.  The Inglaterra hotel became their focal point for getting all the tourist type tickets.  Staying a week, they truly saw Havana up close and personal.


Friday, March 27, 2015 – Helene Gaillet de Neergaard at our first Foundation Grant Dinner.

Helene is a former photographer for the New York Times whose pictures adorned the front pages several times, a good friend of Jacqueline Kennedy and her husband Aristotle Onassis, and whose nude self-portrait is in the Museum of Modern Art permanent poster collection.

She was one of the official photographers for New York’s Governor Carey while she continued to live her jet set life for ten years in a Park Avenue penthouse, with a Wall Street superstar who made his name as the man who saved NY City from bankruptcy.

Helene is also a world-class ocean sailor whose book “The Boat Book” became one of the bibles of the sport.  In addition, Helen’s cooking on the yachts she sailed on, led her to open a restaurant in Bonaire, Dutch Antilles, where she lived for two years.

Now for highlights of her childhood, Helene comes from a large, wealthy Catholic family.  On May 20, 1940, when Helen was only 4 1/2 years old, the Nazis shot a bullet through the front door of their home and gave her family 24 hours to evacuate.

Her family was caught in a harrowing exodus, running away from the Bleitzkreig tightening war and the Stutka dive-bombers.  Helene lived nearly four years separated from her parents.  Hardships and diseases tormented Helene and her five siblings, who covered over 2,000 miles in their quest to escape from the invasion of France.

Helene’s maternal grandfather Prudent Avot, a paper manufacturer was, in the heyday, the richest man in France through his creation of Crystalleries of Arques.  That company today ranks as the world’s largest manufacturer of drinking glasses.  Helene’s father worked for her grandfather and during the war he was ordered by then General De Gaulle to brave the barriers of checkpoints and controls and go on highly secret missions to Berlin to negotiate with the Germans – to save the French paper industry from being taken over by the Nazis.

Helen is now writing her memoirs of the war.  The book “I Was a War Child” can be bought on Amazon.

March 8th, we hosted the National Board of Governors for the International Circumnavigators Club,  There were 11 guests.  The luncheon speaker was Dr. Jerry Lawrence.  Jerry was the doctor for the national women’s basketball competitive team going for the international title.  Life with the team, is a full time job for the doctor on board.  Below are pictures of the event.

On Saturday, March 7th, the NY Board of Governors were hosted at a cocktail party at the home of Lee Abrons.  Both the Naples Board, Committee Chairs and the NY group were aboard for this party/meeting.

On February 8, 2014, Lois and Phil Cohen gave a humorous account of their adventure travels.  They are ardent cyclists and have cycled all over the world.  They have treked on unbelievable sites.  Extreme cold, hot, up and down they have gone into some very exciting places.  At one point they were even at gunpoint.  Now, we all agreed these are pretty hearty travelers.  It was fun….

On January 11, 2015, we started off the New Year with a presentation by Susan Lawrence.  Susan sailed in a two year trip with 59 sailboats around the world.  Near the coast of Ethiopia, their sailboat was taken over by pirates.  The story of being boarded on their sailboat by pirates, the gun shots, the prison they were in before being released after paying a ransom, held everyone’s attention.  Truly a very interesting presentation.  Susan is a member of the Naples Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club.

Our Holiday Gala, December 16th, 2014 was held at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club.  125 Members and Guests, attended this black tie event.  Entertainment by the musical group Mirage played during dinner and for dancing later.  During the evening we were entertained by Tina Nicholson, Bruce Kropschot and Thelma Negley.  Santa Claus visited us (Jim Lungo for 6th year in a row).  It was truly a memorable affair for our Naples Chapter.  Click on the picture to view the entire page.


Brunch/Program November 9, 2014.  98 attending.  Tina Nicholson spoke on Persia.

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THE THREE AMIGO planning a BIG surprise party for us….

Tina Nicholson, Pamela Collins and Paula Baker

Walter Slack visits the smallest country in the world, and no it is not the Vatican.


Above are postage stamps (see the two stamps within the larger page).
The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a country located about two blocks from the Spanish Steps in Rome. With your back to the Steps walk forward about 500 feet and on your right side you will come across the entrance to the country. Ask around. The neighboring shopkeepers will guide you to it.

The country measures about 200 feet by 200 feet. It is within a building and they sell postage stamps. Their cars have their own license plates, and they issue their own passports.

It retains its claims of sovereignty under international law and has been granted permanent observer status at the United Nations.

Cynthia and Walter Slack rented an apartment in Rome and saw the sights.

Texas Bar-be-que a roaring success with 67 attending

What a party!  We had great drinks, typical “fix-ins” and we really filled the place.  The party was held at the gorgeous home of Bobbi Cervelli.  Truly, it was perfect for a Texas party with plenty of room, animals in the front yard, a gate to come thru to get to the “ranch”.  No rain!  THAT we prayed for, but could have handled it if we had rain. We mixed and mingled around the pool and her outside bar-be-que area as we munched on doritos and salsa, then the food came out in large platters.  Spareribs, chicken, coleslaw, onion rings, potato salad followed by apple and blueberry pie!!  What a feast. Barb Roy, made a few remarks, introduced the guests and then asked the guests for some interesting stories about their summer travel.  A cosy setting as we sat by candlelight.


We were on Crystal Symphony visiting portions the British Isles and spending extra days in London and Dublin.  Most of our photos were a bit hazy as the sun was hiding a lot.  We did not miss that sun as we have soo much here in Naples! Our first  port of call was the island of Guernsey, occupied by the Nazis in World War II.  Beautiful flower baskets adored the streets there now.  We visited my brother- in -law in Llongthollan, Wales, a short drive from our Liverpool port. We had  a lovely day hiking the hills and dales over the styes in the pastures and woods. We went around Loch Lomond seeing  some castles in Holyhead and some Cathedrals in Greenock, Scotland, Glasgow, of ship building fame as well as many small villages that look untouched in 75 years.  We visited Waterford, Ireland  seeing the new wonderful glass factory and showroom resisting the  temptation of carrying any home.  Our last stop was in Dublin, touring all around the National Gallery, the Gallery of Antiquities and Guinness Factory, Trinity College with its ancient library and “Book of Kells”,and a new find not in many guide books- the old Dublin Castle and new museum “the Chester Beattie Museum” with a world class collection of the religions of the world artifacts- only 1percent which is displayed. It is quite spectacular..



I never thought I’d sit in a bathtub while traveling 60 mph.  And what’s more a bathtub in an Art Deco bathroom with marble tiles and gold fittings.  It was like the Great Gatsby on wheels. I was riding on a train.  But this was no ordinary train.  This one was nominated the World’s Leading Luxury Train.  It offers all the comforts of a luxury suite just a few steps away from the food, wine and service of a world class hotel, all while you roll by a stunning blood-orange sun setting on some of the world’s most dramatic scenery. Exploring the opportunity of being in Africa on Safari, my wife Paula and I decide to take the legendary Blue Train, from the old Victorian seaport of Cape Town north to Pretoria on our way to Victoria Falls the “Cloud that Roars”. Kings, presidents, celebrities and tycoons have traveled on this magnificent five-stay moving hotel.  Elegant evening wear or traditional attire for dinner is still mandatory.  Menus feature a selection of local cuisine from Karoo lamb and ostrich fillet to Krysna oysters accompanied by the best from the Cape’s winelands, all offered in the finest traditions of what used to be called the Silver Service. Described as The Window on the Soul of Africa, the Blue Train travels through the vast open vistas of the Western Cape’s Klein Karoo to Pretoria, just north of Johannesburg an overnight journey of almost a thousand miles.  From there it’s a short plane ride to Livingston and Victoria Falls. The price of the ticket is around $1,300 per person, one-way.  This may be a lot for a train ride but not if it’s on your bucket list of unique experiences around the world that are the stuff of legends.


June, 2014 Getting to Know You Party at Pat Classens

 August, 2014 Getting to Know You Party at Joe Donahues

This summer Morrie and Ann Doyle are traveling through America with their favorite little trailer.

Circum website Doyle's camper


“Hi Gang”, Today we arrived back in the good ole USA.  We drove from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and entered via Great Falls, Montana. Great Falls is where we sent our last e-mail, as we began our 61st day Adventure Caravan to the Calgary Stampede, Alaska and the Arctic Circle.  That was July 6th, over two months ago……we now have driven almost 15,000 miles on this summer’s “2014 CASITA RV ADVENTURE ROAD TOUR”  We are still about 3,000 miles from Naples, Florida, at this point….. As a quick refresher, we had a “Wagon Master” (Tour Guide), Jan and Ray Johnson, and “Tail Gunner (mechanic and trouble shooter), Mary and Jerry Bonalie, bringing up the rear of 20 RV’s of all sizes, shapes and kinds.  They were very knowledgeable and helpful.  Mostly big rigs and very nice (aka$$$ expensive).  The 40 people we met and traveled with for two months were the most interesting and cohesive group we have ever traveled with.  More new friends – for life.  It was a FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, experience and adventure as we drove “almost” every paved road in Alaska and some unpaved like “Top of the World Highway” “Destruction Bay” and the “Cassiar Highway”.  You must realize that Alaska is more than two and a half times the size of Texas and has only 3% of the population.